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Benefits of Green Cleaning

Benefits of Green Cleaning 

Most people are aware of the environmental benefits of using "green" cleaning products. They are safer because they keep our streams clean and air fresh. But there are many other great benefits to using "green" carpet cleaning products. 

Green Carpet Cleaning Products Are Safe For Children and Pets 

For instance, most strong chemical based cleaners have harsh odors that can cause allergic reactions to both people and animals. However, because A+Carpet Cleaning uses green products children, pets and even those with allergies can be in the home at the same time we're cleaning and won't be subjected to harmful odors of chemicals. 

Green Carpet Cleaning Is Better For Fabrics

Another reason we use green carpet cleaning products is because they are easier on the fabric of your carpet.  Using harsh chemicals on the fibers of your carpet can break down the colors and strength of the fibers, which not only reduces the life of your carpet, but also the vibrancy of color. Using green products can actually prolong the life of your carpet and it's color.

Green Carpet Cleaning Keeps Carpets Cleaner, Longer

Most chemical based carpet cleaning products leave a residue behind on the fibers of your carpet which actually attracts more dirt and dust.  However, green carpet cleaners, like the ones we use at A+Carpet Cleaners here in Chestertown, MD don't leave behind a residue. Instead the only thing left behind is that deep clean feeling, which means you know your children can crawl, play and even sleep on your carpets when we're finished.

If you want your carpets cleaned in a way that prolongs the life of your carpet, requires less deep cleaning and is safe enough for your child to nap on give us a call today. 

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Benefits of Green Cleaning


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