Carpet and tile and grout cleaning

A+ Carpet Care of Chestertown, MD understands that when you live life to the fullest; carpets are going to get dirty. Between children running in out of your home, weekend guests, and the puppy that just has to play in the mud, the dirt gets packed  into your carpets so deep, that simple vacuuming just can't get it all. 

That's why we use the incredible ROTOVAC 360i cleaning system. Equipped with 3 nozzles that release steam deep into your carpet, it emulsifies the dirt and stains, while rotating at 1700 RPM's creating a deep clean you actually feel. 

We also understand the value of your time. Waiting around for 24-36 hours until your carpet dries is just not feasible in today's hectic schedule. However, the ROTOVAC 360i  has 3 powerful suction nozzles that draws the cleaning solution and dirt back out as quickly as it goes in. In as little as 3 hours your carpets are dry enough to lie down on and take a nap. 

Check out this video to see the difference the ROTOVAC 360i can make on your carpets. 

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